Irrespective of the fact that the hosting service provided by the different companies seems the same, every provider has got a personalized platform with its own tweaks and ways to accomplish certain things. In this case, an enormous knowledge base will be remarkably helpful both for people with little to no past experience and for technically experienced users who will eventually learn how given tasks are accomplished, but will waste time in the meantime. The aim of such a knowledge base is to make the service fast and simple to use, saving users lots of time and energy. The result is more pleased clients, as they can easily find the info they are searching for, and much less work for the customer support engineers, because usually the vast majority of the inquiries and difficulties that clients have are already outlined in the knowledge base. On the condition that the articles themselves are written well and encompass more topics, you will be able to learn more not only about your own account, but also about the web hosting service as a whole.
Extensive Online Documentation in Shared Website Hosting
All shared website hosting plans that we offer feature a comprehensive knowledge base where you can find all you need to know in regard to your hosting account. Irrespective of whether you want to set up a brand-new MySQL database, to forward a domain name using an .htaccess configuration file or to create an e-mail account on your desktop PC or hand phone, you can simply read our help articles and all the info that you need will be there. When you visit a certain section of your Hepsia Control Panel, you can see articles that are relevant to the functions that can be accessed through it. In case you prefer to see the entire list of articles and get acquainted with all the features that Hepsia is offering, or simply to read generic information about the hosting service, you can examine the whole knowledge base, which can be accessed through the Help menu in your Control Panel. We have done our best to encompass any predicament that you could possibly encounter, but in case you do not find what you need, you can always touch base with us, as our technical support team representatives are working 24-7.
Extensive Online Documentation in Semi-dedicated Servers
We’ve compiled a detailed online knowledge base for all our present and potential clients, so if you purchase a semi-dedicated server plan from us, you will be able to find any info that you require at any moment. We’ve got an enormous number of educative articles, which will help you understand better what is going on in your semi-dedicated account – "What’s PHP?" and "What are file access permissions?" are merely two instances. Our instructive guides will help you do anything you want – unpack an archive, import a MySQL database, forward a domain name, etc. Additionally, we’ve also got troubleshooting instructions, which will permit you to find out what spurs a given problem and the potential solutions for it. In case you’re not able to send email messages or your domain name returns an HTTP 500 error message, for instance, you can examine our knowledge base and rectify the problem right away. The articles can be accessed through each Control Panel section, as well as through the all-encompassing Help section.